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Wendover Fun Bus!  Salt Lake City, Utah transportation to and from the Casinos in Wendover, Nevada. 

 Current Wendover Fun Bus Schedules

Updated 11/3/2021 To see Available times and Pickup and Drop off Locations follow the link

 Current Wendover Fun Bus Prices

Updated 11/3/2021 To compare prices and other offerings available follow the above link

Wendover Buffet Status!

Updated  9/13/2021 So a big question these days is what Buffets are open???? Since Covid-19 a lot of them are closed or have limited hours. Hopefully this helps. Always check with the Casino to verify information. We do on occasion get things wrong. Also prices may change on holidays! All of them are closed Monday – Thursday.

Wendover Buffet

Wendover Local Casino Shuttle Bus Status!

Updated  9/13/2021 Where is the Shuttle bus???  As of today there are NO known immediate plans to restart the shuttle bus that travels between Casinos. There are a few local Uber and lyft drivers to get you around but I highly recommend trying Rollerblades it is cheaper (Maybe not your medical bills , but hey why not?). 

Wendover Fun Bus!  Salt Lake City, Utah transportation to and from the Casinos in Wendover, Nevada. 

This page has been created to simplify the task of deciding which company to use when planning your next Wendover Vacation. Granted there are only 2 Wendover Fun Bus choices in Salt Lake City but that doesn’t mean you cant make an informed decision before your next big vacation! 

Be sure to review our web site Blog and side by side comparison of what each company has to offer. Only an informed consumer can truly make wise decisions! At the end of the day both companies offer Fantastic service and both have different benefits and perks.

Enjoy your quest for the best transportation options for you!

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Why Taking The Wendover Fun Bus Makes Sense!

Should I take the bus to Wendover or Drive? This is a question many of you reading this have not ever asked yourself. The simple answer is YES! By taking the bus to Wendover from Salt Lake City you are getting many great perks.  Let’s list some

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Charter Bus Companies providing daily Casino service

Utah Trailways Logo
Utah Trailways

Contact Information

(801) 466-5001
2745 W California Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT

LeBus Logo

Contact Information

(801) 975-0202
542 S Delong St
Salt Lake City, UT